The Dining Dragon Half Birthday Bash!
Half of our table. That’s me on the far left, with the hubby.

Last Saturday was the Half Birthday Bash and I’m thrilled to report that we had a great turnout of a cool dozen! Despite the fact that The Po Boy Factory does not take reservations, they were able to eventually finagle two tables together for us. Conversation ranged from LOST and home renovations to the best and worst food in Huntsville (I love talking to other opinionated diners!). And of course, we got to enjoy some great Po Boys, fries, onion rings, and jambalaya.

The Dining Dragon Half Birthday Bash!
The other side of the table.

One of the attendees tipped off the waitstaff to the fact that we had two birthdays (one human, one blog) so we were surprised with two (huge) slices of chocolate cake and a rendition of happy birthday that included “Happy Birthday to Zack and that website” which confused the rest of the restaurant and made me giggle.

Thanks again to everyone who came out, it was a great meal with some passionate conversation! And for those who missed it, I look forward to seeing you at the next EatUp, for the one year mark. I’ve already got the wheels turning on how to make that one event truly spectacular!

P.S. Weigh In Wednesday will continue next week!