Weigh In Wednesday
Last week’s poll asked how spicy you like for food. I was a little surprised that no one opted for “flaming death” as there seems to be one of those in every crowd. Maybe y’all are mostly talk? Eye-wateringly spicy and a more moderate pain free experience tied with 38% of the vote each. 15% preferred just a touch and 8% opt for very mild. Absolutely no one went for unspiced.

Which begs the question….why is it that the default salsa at most Mexican places is more tomato sauce than spice? Our (clearly scientific and statistically significant) poll here shows that the majority is crying out for flavor!

For the record, I am a recent convert to the moderate camp. I’ve always been very sensitive to spicy peppers and flavors. It’s only been in the last year or so that I’ve started to appreciate things with a punch.

For this week’s poll we’re going to talk table manners. Which of these is the most grievous offense a fellow diner can commit? And yes, you can only pick one. But feel free to add additional thoughts in the comments.


The Worst Table Manners
Talking on a cell phone
Fiddling constantly with a cell phone (texting, games, but not talking on it)
Scraping silverware on plates
Chewing ice
Making comments about other diners
Making comments about the waitstaff
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