Stanlieo’s Sub Villa [3/5]
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is a Huntsville institution. At lunch on a weekday you will find lines that threaten to spill out the door. Turn over is quick enough that finding a table is not a problem but do expect to spend 5-10 minutes in line to place your order. This particular meal was enjoyed on a quiet Saturday, without the usual hustle and bustle of the shop.

Stanlieo’s is known for their “Kitchen Sink”, a one pound sandwich with two types of salami, ham, turkey, roast beef, capacolla, pepperoni and swiss, american, and provolone cheese served hot or cold. Not quite up to taking on an entire pound of sandwich, I opted for the tuna, with everything on it.

I filled my tea and seated myself and a few minutes later my sandwich joined me. Longer and leaner than the subs at chain restaurants, the sandwich featured a white bread with a fairly standard flavor but notable for it’s soft, supple texture. My tuna was on the drier side, which I prefer as it allows you taste the tuna and not just mayonnaise. As is standard for Stanlieo’s subs, the tuna was topped with cubed tomatoes, onions, and pickles mixed with herbs. The onion was crisp and strong but the tomatoes were mushy and clearly out of season. The pickles were strong butter pickles, more vinegary than sweet, which lent a nice bite to the tuna.

As far as sub’s go, Stanlieo’s has the chains beat hands down (it’s the cubed onion and pickle that win my heart). Nothing too gourmet or “fancy” about them, but if you just want a good solid sub sandwich, you can find it here.

Total for the meal: $14.03 (Includes two sandwiches, a bag of chips, and two drinks)

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