Sam & Greg’s [3.5/5]
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Sam & Gregs
Sam & Greg’s is a cute little Italian place tucked away on the north side of the downtown square. They serve pizza and gelato and the decor is a rotating display of art from local artists downstairs and a charming mural upstairs. On this trip, the hubby and I stopped at a pizza (post holiday sugar coma means dessert just sounds like much too much these days), but their gelato is delicious and comes in a dozen different flavors, which change regularly.

This trip we ordered a medium deluxe pizza, hold the mushrooms, and settled into a table downstairs. The upstairs loft, which I love, was reserved for a large party, so we studied the photographs hung by our table and chatted over our drinks. My unsweet tea had a bit of an off flavor to it and was rather weak, in the future, I’ll stick to water or a canned soda.

The pizza itself had a thin crust, lightly crispy on the bottom but still bready enough to be satisfying. The sauce was light and fresh and topped generously with cheese. The sausage and pepperoni–flavorful and spicy–were a treat, but the black olives were standard canned olives with the distinctive metallic taste of most brands. The bell pepper was crunchy and fresh but was chopped into tiny pieces and sparsely applied. The onions, if present, were undetectable.

Despite the pizza’s unremarkable nature, Sam and Greg’s provides a convenient location and an atmosphere which is quieter and more family friendly than many of the other options downtown. They are also the only place I know of that serves gelato in Huntsville and for that alone they are worth a trip.

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