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Ol Heidelberg
Ol Heidelberg is one of those restaurants that seems to crop up in conversation with a certain regularity. Whether it’s being touted as “the best German food in town” or just “one of the best restaurants in Huntsville” people seem to adore it. The hubby and I finally made our way over there one Friday. This was just after the recent Snowpocalypse which meant that there was a long wait at all of the restaurants as people reveled in leaving the house (and, if they are like me, put off grocery shopping another day : ).

We settled in for a 45 minute wait, passing the time by chatting with one of the women who worked the register and ogling the desserts which all looked incredibly decadent. Happily our table came up in 20 minutes and we were soon perusing the menu.

I opted for the Chicken Berlin–a breaded chicken breast topped with Jarlsberg cheese, sauteed onions, and apple slices–with pan fried potatoes and the cucumber salad. My hubby selected the Chicken Schnitzel Cordon Bleu–a chicken breast stuffed with Jarlsberg and ham, breaded and pan fried–with pan fried potatoes and a house salad.

Once we placed our orders, we turned our attention to the warm bread basket.

Ol Heidelberg
The rye bread was a soft, moist bread with a nutty flavor that was beautifully complemented by the provided butter. The second bread walked the line between white and wheat, with nutty undertones and a firmer texture than the rye. Both were good, but I could have happily made a meal of the rye bread.

Our salads arrived, timed nicely to coordinate with the demolition of the bread basket. My cucumber salad was a large plate of thinly sliced cucumbers dressed in a thin, yogurt based sauce and seasoned with dill. The cucumbers were reasonably fresh and the sauce was a lovely accompaniment–a nice departure from standard salads. Unfortunately, the tomatoes used for garnish were sad and mealy.

Ol Heidelberg
The house salad was a fairly ordinary looking salad, though my husband deemed it “better than average”, saying that it passed the “very fresh test”.

Ol Heidelberg
As we were finishing our salads, our waitress noted that my husband needed a second refill on his drink and instead of simply refilling it, brought him a dedicated carafe of diet soda. While I’m sure this is practically driven (less check-ins needed by the waitstaff), it was a fun touch.

Upon finishing our salads, our entrees came up. The pan fried potatoes were a treat. Piping hot and well seasoned with salt and pepper, the potato pieces had soft centers and crunchier edges. An excellent example of a simple dish well executed. The Chicken Berlin was far more food than I had anticipated, taking up nearly half of a large dinner plate. The sweet and tart apple slices enhanced the sweet onions and played off the more savory cheese and breading. The pairing was pleasant but not amazing–overall the dish lacked that WOW factor. It felt more like comfortable home cooking than really great restaurant fare.

Ol Heidelberg
My husband enjoyed his Cordon Bleu (pictured at the top of the post) but was most enthusiastic about the pan fried potatoes.

The Ol Heidelberg experience can be summed up as “cozy”. I enjoyed the meal, especially some of the simplest components–the rye bread and the pan fried potatoes. The servers were friendly and approachable (the dessert “menu” was your server escorting you to the large glass case by the register to describe the various cakes on display).

Total for the meal: $41.48 (includes two dinners and two soft drinks)

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