Lawlers Barbecue Express #5 [4/5]
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Lawlers, a small local franchise with 7 locations, was one of the first “local” spots I ever ate at in Huntsville. A couple of coworkers took me there for lunch one day and introduced me to the wonder that is a stuffed baked potato. California, land of fresh vegetables, avocados, and sprouts does not hold such wonders. On this particular trip, the hubby and I headed into the South Parkway location for a weeknight dinner.

Lawler’s slogan is “Cooked slow, served fast” and they live it. On most trips, my food will be up before I’ve filled my drink, often before I’ve left the register. This visit was no exception and the hubby and I had our food and drinks in hand by the time we reached our table.

As much as I love the stuffed baked potatoes, they are HUGE and far too much for me to finish in a sitting. Instead, I ordered a pork plate with barbecue beans and potato salad as my sides.

The pork was fall apart tender with a sharp, vinegar based flavor. The bar-b-que beans leaned to the sweet side, tasting as though they had bits of relish in them along with the onion. The potato salad offered a nice balance of mustard and mayonnaise with small pieces of celery adding a nice crunch. All bar-b-que plates come with a roll which was strangely addictive. Flavor-wise it tasted much the same as a hamburger bun but had a doughier consistency. Served warm, it pulled apart easily.

My hubby has a heartier appetite than I so he opted for a turkey stuffed potato with everything (butter, sour cream, shredded cheese, and chives), shown above. Lawler’s stuffed potatoes are truly an experience, the butter, sour cream, and cheese are melted into a gooey harmony by the heat of the potato. I have never had another stuffed potato elsewhere that compares. (Or is even remotely worth the calories. These are delicious, but they are not diet food.)

For an amazing stuffed potato, Lawler’s should be your go-to place. Their barbecue is delicious (and they cater) and their astonishingly quick service makes them an excellent choice for busy professionals looking for real food at lunch.

Total for the meal: $15.82 (includes two drinks, one pork plate, and one turkey stuffed potato)

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