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La Alameda
Recently relocated from University, La Alameda is now housed in a small building on Jordan Lane. I stopped in for lunch last week to spend some time writing and brainstorming. I was seated promptly in a booth with a good view of the popular lunch buffet. Not feeling up to the piles of food that so often marks buffets, I instead perused the menu and sampled the chips and salsa.

The chips walked the fine line between thick and thin, offering crunchiness without toughness or brittleness. The corn flavor shone through nicely, making them tasty in their own right, while the sauce-y, tomato-y salsa provided just a hint of heat. (For those who like stuff stronger than mild, a spicer salsa is available upon request.)

La Alameda
I settled on lunch special #4–an enchilada (I selected chicken) served with beans and rice. I did not seem to have an assigned server as two different people took (or tried to take) my order and one of the two, plus a third, carried out the food and refilled my drinks. Despite my confusion, the service was still prompt and cordial.

The chicken was soft and tender, mingled with bits of cooked green peppers, and the sauce topping my enchilada was a classic red enchilada sauce. The corn tortilla shared the rich bodied flavor of the chips and actually enhanced the dish instead of just serving as a wrapper.

The rice was soft, peppered with bits of corn and carrots, but ran to the salty side. The refried beans reminded me of the homemade refried beans a family friend who had immigrated from Mexico used to make–plain but creamy, with the flavor of the beans unmasked by piles of salt. These beans however, had a bit of a building, lingering spice to them.

I’m delighted to have discovered a Mexican restaurant that captures the flavor of the ingredients. This isn’t a fancy place, but even during a busy lunch hour it’s quiet enough to have a real conversation (or a nice brainstorming session!). Between that and the brilliant corn tortillas and chips…I’ll be back. With some frequency.

Total for the meal: $6.75 (includes one lunch special and an unsweet tea)

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