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El Herradura
Over the holidays the hubby and I had an out-of-sync vacation day where I was keeping the cats company and he was diligently working, along with the 5 other people at his office not on vacation. To help make the day a little more fun, I met him for lunch at El Herradura, a nooky Mexican place on South Parkway.

While I waited for him to arrive, our server brought over the standard chips and salsa. The chips were thick, thicker than I would prefer, but unlike most thick chips were not too hard. They had a nice corn flavor making them tasty even eaten by themselves. The salsa was chunky and tomato-ey, not spicy, but rather refreshing.

Once my husband arrived, we settled on entrées instead of sampling the lunch buffet. I opted for huevos con chorizo and my hubby went for the burrito mariachi with chicken.

El Herradura
The eggs in my dish were cooked throughly, without any additional milk or filler. This is a way I happen to enjoy eggs, but could definitely be an unpleasant surprise for those used to the fluffy scrambled eggs served at most dinners. The sausage was cooked a little too long, becoming crunchy in parts, and carried quite a kick–more than I was expecting after the extremely mild salsa. The sides were enjoyable–the beans creamy and salty and the rice light and fluffy, though devoid of any particular flavor. The flour tortillas were soft and not overly thick.

El Herradura
For his part, my husband enjoyed his burrito and would happily return. I appreciated the fact that while there were both TVs and music, they were kept at low volumes and the TVs were not obnoxiously located.

Total for the meal: $21.00 (includes two entrées, two drinks, tax and tip)

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