Weigh In Wednesday
Last week’s poll asked form of protein you prefer. 43% of respondents prefer beef while chicken and fish each garnered 29% of the vote. Given that most restaurants seem to think that the sure-fire way of making something “fancy” is to add shrimp, I was surprised that shellfish didn’t get any votes. Although, that could be a matter of price.

Personally, I tend to order beef dishes when we eat out. In part because we are more likely to cook chicken or vegetarian based dishes at home. Mostly due to pure laziness–dishes without meat cook up much faster.

For this week’s poll let’s talk fries. (Because I have been craving the perfect fries for days now.) What is your favorite cut of french fry?


The Best Fries Are
Average Thickness
Crinkle Cut
Thick Cut
Criss Cut
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And while we are at it, leave a comment telling me what else makes French fries grand. Skin or no? Seasoning? Just salt? Do you prefer ketchup, ranch, no sauce at all? And most important of all…who serves the best fries in Huntsville?