Weigh In Wednesday
In the hustle and bustle and inevitable cold* of Thanksgiving, we skipped Weigh in Wednesday last week. Picking right back up where we left off…

The last poll asked how you decide what to order. The two most common methods, tied at 22% apiece were “one of my standard favorites” and “whatever strikes my fancy”. So we are either tradition bound or foodie free spirits. I can go with that. 17% put their faith in the masses and go with whatever the restaurant is known for. Server recommendations and dietary restrictions each garnered 11% of the vote suggesting diners who are a bit more selective about their fare–whether by choice or circumstance. Daily specials also landed 11% of the vote, falling in with the free spirits who order on whim. Only 6% will opt for something seasonal, taking advantage of pumpkin ravioli in the fall and strawberry pie in the summer.

Personally, I’m all over the map. At a place that looks to be awful, I will stick with old standbys they can’t possibly ruin (grilled cheese, a turkey sandwich) or whatever everyone else seems to be getting (when 90% of the crowd is ordering the same thing, it’s a sign)**. At a restaurant will excellent servers, I will take their recommendation. When I am bored of the same old, same old, I’ll go for the daily special, a seasonal item, or whatever jumps out at me. In short, I am a fickle diner, preferring not to order the same thing twice.

For this week’s poll, let’s talk “extras”. For a typical meal what do you order besides an entrée? Feel free to check as many as apply.


Would You Like Anything With That?
A drink with free refills (soda, iced tea, coffee)
A non-alcoholic single serve drink (lemonade, hot chocolate)
An alcoholic single serve beverage (a glass of wine, a margarita)
A salad
An appetizer
A dessert!
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*Am I the only one that ALWAYS gets sick on holidays and vacations?
**It’s worth noting that for the sake of reviews, I often break this rule, ordering what I feel like eating instead of the must have item. To be a truly good restaurant, I believe that nothing on your menu should be bad. So I’ll order what I want and rate that, though I do try to hit up at least some of the popular choices.