CLOSED: Maria Bonita Grill and Cantina [2/5]
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Maria Bonita
It’s not often that I find myself in Decatur, but after an evening appointment one Monday that’s exactly where the hubby and I found ourselves at dinner time. Our request for a good local spot landed us as Maria Bonitas. The empty booths and buffet trays gave evidence that it was usually more of a lunch spot than a dinner one, but we settled in for a blissfully quiet meal.

The complimentary chips were of the thick, crunchy, and hard variety. The salsa was thin and tomato-ey but with a nice bit of spice that built as you ate. As we grazed, we settled on splitting a double order of fajitas–half chicken and half beef. The price was unbeatable and they were happy to accommodate two meats as long as we didn’t mind them being cooked together.

Our food arrived in good time, piping hot and generously portioned. Each of us was served our own plate of “side” items.

Maria Bonita
The beans were clearly made in house with a lovely creamy texture and a little bit of spice. The rice was soft and pillow-y, lightly seasoned. The tortillas, however, were…off. Oddly stiff and wheat-y, they were serviceable but not much more.

Maria Bonita
The fajita blend itself contained beef, chicken, bellpeppers, and onion. The vegetables were well cooked, neither mushy nor too raw and complimented the broth based marinade nicely. The chicken was deliciously tender and held the marinade well, giving a flavor explosion when you bit into a piece. The beef, however, did not compliment the broth nicely; the flavor combination was strange and left an almost metallic after-taste. The texture was still tough, despite the marinade. Despite being the beef lover at the table, I instead found myself stealing chicken from my husband.

If all you want is a quick, inexpensive buffet lunch, Maria Bonita is probably serviceable. But the bizarre beef and tortillas mean I’m in no hurry to go back.

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