Little Paul Gibson’s BBQ [4/5]
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Little Paul's
One of several Gibson BBQ places in town, Little Paul’s is a favorite for a quick and hot weekday lunch. For the purpose of this review, the hubby and I stopped by for lunch on a Saturday. I was happily surprised to see that the line was nearly as long on the weekends as during the week. True to form, the servers took our drink orders while we stood in line to expedite the ordering process.

I opted for a bar-b-que pork sandwich, with coleslaw on it, and a side of fries. My husband tried the turkey plate with two sides–potato salad and french fries. We picked a table and sat down. Due to the limited space, I’m always prepared to share a table with other patrons. However, they turn customers quickly enough that, even on the busiest weekdays, I’ve never had to share.

Shortly after seating ourselves, our food was brought out, piping hot and accompanied by silverware. The sandwich was delicious. The white bun was pillowy soft, but otherwise a standard white bun. The pork was soft and tender, but lacking a strong flavor of its own. The star of the sandwich was the vinegar based cole-slaw which lent a fresh burst of flavor to the sandwich and pulled everything together into a cohesive whole.

The fries are amazing. Slightly crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, wonderfully seasoned with salt and pepper and served piping hot. My plate came with a small container of a thin red hot sauce which was rather too spicy for my taste. I expect the sandwich would have been even better with a bit of a kick (especially paired with the cool flavor of the coleslaw) but the fries stood solidy on their own.

Little Paul's
My husband was happy with his plate, greatly enjoying the turkey and being especially impressed with the mustard based potato salad which avoided the all too common pitfall of being taken over by mustard.

Should you decide to check it out, be prepared for the small parking lot and the potential for a short wait during the lunchtime rush. Rest assured that the food is worth those minor inconveniences.

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