Gigi’s Cupcakes [4/5]
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Gigi's Cupcakes
Over the years, I’ve heard much fuss over Gigi’s cupcakes. Gourmet, huge, and pricey people spoke of them with stars in their eyes. What I hadn’t realized is that they are actually a national franchise, with locations in 15 states. The hubby and I made it over there the other weekend, to finally sample some of their wares.

We selected two flavors–Midnight Magic Chocolate Chip and Italian Cream Wedding Cake–and brought them home to enjoy later, popping the box into the fridge.*

I tried the Midnight Magic first. The devil’s food cake had an oddly rubbery quality to it–an effect, I am sure, of having been refrigerated, though it had only been in the fridge for a few hours. The dark chocolate chips in the cake were not readily apparent, though the ones topping the frosting lent a nice bit of crunchiness to the treat. However, it was the frosting which really wowed. Rich, creamy, chocolatey–and present in a 1:1 ratio to cake–it was the real star of the show.

Gigi's Cupcakes
The Italian Cream Wedding was wonderful. The cake was slightly sweet and coconutty, with none of the rubbery effects that the devil’s food had experienced. The cream cheese frosting was over-the-top indulgent, and an excellent compliment to the cake. The toasted coconut mostly provided an aesthetic finish, but added an occasional crunch.

Gigi's Cupcakes
Size-wise the cupcakes walked a fine line. They are large enough to easily split, but not so large as to intimidate a single diner. With a menu that changes both seasonally and daily, Gigi’s gives no end of excuses to come pick up a cupcake or twelve. At $3 a piece, the cupcakes are reasonably priced for a sweet treat and each one is a masterpiece.

Generally I write reviews of in-restaurant experiences, however, given that I expect a large number of people do exactly this, buy cupcakes in advance and eat them later, I feel this is a fair representation.

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