Weigh In Wednesday
I am back in town, so the posts will resume per their usual schedule–reviews on Mondays and polls for Weigh in Wednesdays!

The last poll asked where you stood on tip jars coffee shops and ice cream parlors leave sitting next to their registers. Tied with 38% each were the “Sure, if I have change I’ll drop in it” camp and the “No, what would I be tipping for?” camp. 25% took the middle road, saying that they would tip for exceptional service.

Personally, I hate those jars with a passion. I can’t figure out what exactly I’m supposed to be tipping for…but I still end up feeling guilty. So I generally go with “don’t tip and then feel bad”. Not an ideal solution. If anyone has ever worked somewhere where the service is all the counter and you can illuminate the thought behind the tip jar, I’d be glad for the insight!

For this week’s poll, we’re going to talk type of seating. Given your preference, what kind of seating do you prefer?


Where Do You Like to Sit?
A regular table
Booth please!
The extra tall pub tables
The bar
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