Tortoras [4/5]
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Tucked away off the 431 in Hampton Cove is a little Italian place called Tortoras. We had tried their pizza earlier this year (it’s absolutely delightful) but on this occasion, we were on the hunt for great pasta.

I ordered the Tortellini Carbonara which promised a cream sauce full of bacon, sun-dried tomatoes, and onion. They hubby opted for the baked ziti. It was a cold Friday night so the indoor seating was full and rather loud. During previous lunchtime visits the restaurant was much quieter, providing a more pleasant atmosphere for conversation.

Our server was friendly and prompt and our food arrived quickly. The tortellini was the kind of pasta dish I have been searching for in Huntsville. The sauce was creamy and rich and was well complimented by the sweet onions and thick smoky bacon pieces. The sun dried tomatoes were flavorful, but a bit chewy–an issue I often have with sun dried tomatoes in sauces. The tortellini were cooked a touch longer than I would have preferred but were still firm.

The bread was soft and thick, lightly garlicky on both sides. The center was so soft as to almost seem undone, but was still tasty and made an excellent compliment to the cream sauce.

My husband greatly enjoyed his ziti, being especially taken with the generous application of fresh mozzarella.

Tortoras provides consistently excellent Italian food, both pizza and pasta. They offer both small and large portions of their pastas as well as personal sized pizzas, making them an excellent stop for those who dislike leftovers or are simply trying to watch their portion sizes.

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