CLOSED: Cafe Lemon Bleu [3.5/5]
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Cafe Lemon Bleu
Tucked away on the east side of the Target shopping center on University is a new breakfast and lunch spot, Cafe Lemon Bleu. They opened in late September, and as of my visit, were still operating on a limited menu with plans to expand to full menu this month. Their full menu should prominently feature crepes, something not currently found in Huntsville, so I am looking forward to watching them grow.

The restaurant is small, tables spilling out from the counter to make use of all available space both indoors and out. Upon entering I was told seat myself wherever I liked and my sever would find me. As might be expected of a new establishment, the staff was very eager to please. However, as also might be expected, the service was rather uneven. My server was prompt to stop by my table, but when I asked after the day’s specials she craned her neck and read them, nearly verbatim, from the chalkboard they were written on. I asked for a few minutes to decide and she disappeared for long enough to make me a bit anxious.

I settled on the daily special–a crepe fromage which came with both the daily soup (mushroom) and a salad. However, I managed to misunderstand my server and think I was able to order just the crepe and the salad. She brought out my order and then returned telling me they were including the soup–as though it was a bonus. I insisted I wasn’t interested and she took the soup away. My bill however, was for the full lunch. I figured out my error but I wish she had been clearer–simply stating that the soup was included when I ordered would have been sufficient.

Communication issues aside, the crepe was solid. The cheese inside was a bit cool, but the creamy cheese sauce served over the crepe was absolutely delicious. The crepe pastry itself was not special but not bad. It was thin and delicate but not quite as thin as I would have hoped. The green salad was just that, only greens. However, the greens were varied and fresh and the balsamic dressing was wonderful. Slightly creamy, it was tart with a touch of sweetness. Together, the crepe and the green salad were a plentiful lunch, taken with the soup the lunch provides a great value.

Despite the 25 minutes it took to get my initial order, I got brave and ordered dessert as well–the daily special of a dark chocolate chocolate chip cookie. I was expecting a wrapped cookie, as I had seen in the case near my table. Instead, I was brought out a beautifully plated treat–a warm cookie served with whipped cream and fresh strawberries.

Cafe Lemon Bleu
The cookie itself was about average for a restaurant. It was clearly baked fresh, but still had a bit of that institutional taste around the edges. Being served warm elevated it, leaving the exterior slightly crunchy and the interior full of gooey chocolate chips. The thick texture was more brownie than cookie and the vibrant strawberries added a burst of flavor.

I’ve been back since and had a similar experience–food bursting with potential, but service that needs to catch up. However, the staff’s intentions are good–they genuinely want to please–so I am confident that with time and practice those small hitches and inconsistencies will even out. They are open for breakfast as well as lunch, serving breakfast items all day.

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