Weigh In Wednesday
Last week’s poll asked what could a restaurant do that is so terrible that you will never return?

Not surprisingly, awful food topped the list with 100% of respondents citing that as due cause. Tied for second, with 78% agreement on each, were lousy service and finding foreign objects in the food. Personally? I’ll may give a place with poor service another chance (different servers, off nights, etc) but finding stuff in my food that shouldn’t be there? UGH, never again.

22% of respondents will quit a restaurant over watering down the drinks and 11% over rude patrons. One commenter noted that a restaurant can hardly choose their patrons…true, but they can control how they respond. If someone is being loud or obnoxious and the staff doesn’t attempt to calm them, I’m not going to leave with a very favorable impression.

Over on twitter we had a write in vote for unsanitary handling. That is definitely a turn off for me as well and plays a role in why so many fast food joints make me uneasy.

This week let’s look at something more lighthearted, the big to-dos restaurants love to make over birthdays. Songs, clapping, free desserts…all in good fun or obnoxiously embarrassing? Weigh in below!


Birthday Nonsense
I love it! It’s always someone’s birthday if I can get away with it.
Why not? It’s a free dessert!
It’s great as long as it’s not me at the center of attention.
I grin and bear it, but it’s stupid.
I hate it with a fiery passion.
I like to torment the wait-staff.
I don’t eat at restaurants that carry on like that.
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