Weigh In Wednesday
Last week’s poll asked an oft posed question–do you want to sit inside or out? Personally, I am an outdoors girl. If the weather is amenable, I far prefer enjoying the weather (and the generally quieter surroundings) with my meal. A little wind and the occasional fly are a small price to pay for enjoying the glorious outdoors. 43% of respondents sit with me, preferring a table on the patio. However, the majority, 57% opt to sit indoors with modern conveniences like air conditioning and televisions.

For this week’s poll, let’s talk about tipping. Specifically about tipping at counter type shops. Places like ice cream parlors, Starbucks, etc where you often order, grab food, and go. All while starring at that be-stickered tip jar next to the register and the “Tip” line on your credit receipt.


Tipping at the Counter Shops
Always! I tip the same as I would anywhere else.
I tip, but not as much as a sit down place.
If I have extra change, I’ll drop it in the jar.
Only if the service is really outstanding.
No, they don’t live on the tips like servers do.
No, what would I be tipping for?
No, I never tip anywhere.
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