Weigh In Wednesday
Last week’s poll asked for opinions on the clapping, singing, dancing, hat and dessert doling out productions that can accompany telling the wait staff that your dining partner is having a birthday. While none of the respondents were wholly opposed, 25% went with the flow, but considered it stupid. Another 38% thought it was just fine–as long as they weren’t the target. And while 25% figured any excuse for a free dessert was a good excuse, just 13% of respondents loved it so much that they would invent birthdays just for the purpose.

My takeaway? Beware that 13%, they are the instigators! ; ) I’ve never been a huge fan of the whole extravaganza, mostly because I’m not one who likes have a fuss made over them. I can sit awkwardly and watch other diners craning their necks to see who is being singled out, but really? I’m okay paying for my cake to avoid it.

For this week’s poll let’s talk seating…given your choice, where do you prefer to eat?


Indoors or Out?
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