Po Boy Factory [4/5]
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Po Boy Factory
Po Boy Factory was one of the first restaurants I saw when I moved to town. Unfortunately for me, “Factory” means just one thing to an LA girl–a club. Figuring it was some sort of bar– heavy on the drinking, light on the decent food– it was several years before I gave it a try. On this particular occasion I was in for a quick and easy dinner. It was early on a Saturday night so the crowd was light but during weekday lunches, it quickly fills up. If you plan to bring a group, carpool to make the most of the small parking lot.

The braver among us will appreciate that they offer frog legs and gator, but I opted for the “Scruffy’s Special”, your choice of a 5″ Po Boy, a side, fries, and a drink. I chose the jerk chicken Po Boy and the jambalaya. My Dr. Pepper was canned and brought out with a large cup of ice. The soda was nice and cold, but had I realized they were serving cans I would have opted for the tea–the spice in the jambalaya was enough for me to run through most of my drink before my Po Boy and fries came up. Instead, I just asked for a glass of water, which they were happy to provide.

Po Boy Factory
The jambalya was a delicious combination of rice, sausage, shredded chicken, tomatoes, and green bell peppers. The most noticeable seasoning was the pepper, but there was a subtle spice to it that built as you ate.

The fries were an unseasoned crinkle cut, served piping hot with a crunchy exterior and a soft interior. The lack of seasoning made them completely forgettable and I would have been perfectly content without them.

The Po Boy was fantastic. Served on perfectly crusty French bread, the tender and peppery jerk chicken combined with the shredded cheese, lettuce, tomato, and a mayo to create a lovely balance of textures and flavors.

The Po Boys here are the best I’ve had and it’s absolutely worth the trip to Five Points if you are across town. Just don’t bother with the fries.

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