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Little Farm Grill
In search of some quiet time to relax, I decided to take myself out to lunch and stopped in at Little Farm Grill. Situated just south of Governors on Whitesburg, the diner serves breakfast and lunch Monday through Saturday. Find parking in the small attached lot and seat yourself anywhere you like, your server will find you to take your drink order and give you a menu.

Little Farm Grill follows the typical southern diner format of a meat, changed daily, and three sides. The meat selection included the usual suspects–chicken fried steak, hamburger steak, chicken fingers–although the sausage and sauerkraut was a unique addition. The sides also had a nice mix of the expected (mashed potatoes) and the surprising (beets). Additionally, they offer various hamburgers, a small selection of sandwiches (club, BLT, grilled cheese, baked ham, and steak), fries, and onion rings.

I had been craving a burger, so I ordered a cheeseburger with everything and a side of fries. I enjoyed the relative quiet and my unsweet tea, happily brewed on the strong side, while I waited for my food to arrive. The drinks are generously sized, served in cups so large a standard straw didn’t peek out over the rim.

The burger featured a thick patty–formed with a press but loosely, so the meat was still tender and the burger had a tendency to crumble as I ate. The patty was not seasoned and was well done, with no trace of pink in the center. “Everything” consisted of mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, pickles, american cheese, mustard and chopped onion, none of which stood out as particularly good or particularly bad.

The fries were disappointingly bland with no seasoning or real flavor. They reminded me strongly of the bags of frozen French fries you can buy at the grocery store.

I wasn’t blown away by the burger and fries but the quality of their meat is good enough that I would happily go back to try one of their meat and three sides offerings.

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