Weigh In Wednesday
Well, sandwiches are clearly considered a lunch food, with 100% of respondents saying that they would order sandwiches either only for lunch or for both lunch and dinner. So I’ll take that as being right. ; ) A full 43% agreed with my hubby though, saying that sandwiches were equally good as dinner. So I suppose that makes him right too. We’ll just have to call that one a draw. : )

For this week’s topic, let’s talk pizza. Thin crust? Thick crust? Stuffed crust?

Personally, I am all about the crust. (I love my carbs). The thicker and more pillowy, the better. However, stuffed crusts, despite usually being thick and chewy, are not my thing. I’ve never found a pizza where the cheese worked as well on the inside as it does on top of the crust.

Cast your vote in the poll to the top right of the page and feel free to weigh-in in the comments as well! Do you have a favorite restaurant here in town that gets their crust “just right”?