Weigh In Wednesday
Last week’s poll, asking why you choose to eat out, came back with a clear answer. Convenience. The top three responses, with 66% agreement on each, were ordering dishes the diner can’t (or won’t) make at home, not having to cook, and not having to do dishes. Only 22% of respondents stated that they could not cook, so clearly this is a preference. Our second tier of responses, with 55% agreement on each, were spending time with family and friends and trying new dishes. These tie into the social experiences of food–tying us to other people and cultures. Only 11% of respondents wanted to try new twists on their favorite dishes and no one believed that eating out would save them money.

Personally, I agree with nearly every one of those statements. I like enjoying time consuming or tricky favorites without the hassle, as well as seeing how chefs change up some of my favorite dishes. I like trying new things that I might never have thought of. And there are some nights when I will eat just about anything as long as I didn’t have to cook it and won’t have to clean up after it. I love hanging out and talking with the hubby or friends over a good meal. I don’t, however, believe that eating out is in any way saving me money. Although I did have several college friends who swore to me that their diet of Carl’s Jrs (known as Hardees in this neck of the woods) and delivery was saving them money.

For this week’s poll, we’re talking health ratings. As most of you are probably aware, restaurants are regularly inspected by the health department to ensure that they are sanitary and following proper practices–things like hand-washing, properly sanitizing equipment, etc. Each restaurant is given a score out of 100, which must be prominently posted in the establishment. To some people, this is a little noticed item, another piece of paper tacked up on the wall. To others, it’s a bare minimum, if the number is below a certain threshold, they will take their business elsewhere. Where do you stand? How important are health ratings? Weigh in on the poll at the upper right.