Weigh In Wednesday
Last week’s query about health ratings was inspired by a conversation I overheard. A woman was recounting, wide-eyed, a trip she had taken through a drive through to pick up some food for her husband. She was on her cell phone taking her order and saw the health rating–an 80–which she relayed to him, wanting to know if he really wanted food from that establishment. Apparently, she only dines at places with ratings over 95 and was more than a little skeeved out about his laissez-faire attitude.

Readers here though, don’t share that view, instead opting for a more middle-of-the-road approach. 25% of respondents said that they look for at least an 80 rating, with another 50% saying that while they don’t make it a point to look for ratings, they would leave if they happened to notice really low rating. 25% admitted to not caring at all–if the Health Department hadn’t shut the place down, it was fine.

Personally? I’m with you all. One of the worst meals of my life was at a restaurant that proudly told every customer about its 100 health rating. Sure, I like to know that my food is being prepared in a sanitary environment but I harbor no illusions about perfectly spotless kitchens devoid of all bacteria.

For this week’s poll, we’re taking a look at that dreaded question “Where do you want to go?” How do you choose where to eat when you dine out? Visit the poll on the upper right to log your opinion or leave your response in the comments.