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Pan e Vino
Pane e Vino opened last summer at the Museum of Art and I’d been meaning to get over there ever since. I finally made it on a warm end-of-summer day made for lounging on the patio, soaking up the sun and watching the geese wander the shore of the pond in adjacent Big Spring Park.

I arrived at lunch, finding a convenient parking meter and seating myself on the outdoor patio. (If you come before 5pm, make sure to bring change for the meters.) I ordered a Jackson Pollack, named for the well known artist, and enjoyed the light background music and my tea while waiting for my pizza to come up.

In about 15 minutes, my order arrived–mozzarella and romano cheeses over a pesto sauce, topped with chicken, red onion and tomato. I was surprised to see that the twelve inch pizza was served on a single plate, without an additional plate to eat from, although that may be because I was dining alone.

The New York style crust was well browned on the bottom, crispy enough to be difficult to cut with the provided butter knife, but still pleasantly soft on the interior. Whether due to greasing their cooking surface or the heavy amount of oil used in the pesto sauce, the plate was overly greasy. The cheese was thick and the chicken delicious–tender and flavorful. However, the onions and tomatoes were somewhat bland and the tomatoes, cut into large pieces and added after the pizza was cooked, had a tendency to slide off while I was trying to eat. Combined with the constant assault of flies, this made eating something of a challenge.

Overall, the atmosphere–cloth napkins, soft music, a beautiful day–outperformed the food. However, the pizza was passable and I would consider going back, especially with a friend or two and some time to sit and talk.

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