Moe’s Original Bar B Que [4/5]
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Moe's BBQ
Moving to the South has given me a whole new appreciation for bar-b-qued foods, especially the slow cooked, falling apart, smoked meats that fast bar-b-que places favor. So when looking for dinner prior to running errands the hubby and I stopped in at Moe’s Bar B Que. One of sixteen locations scattered primarily across Alabama and Colorado, the restaurant offers your choice of sandwiches or platters and a variety of sides.

I opted for a pulled pork platter with macaroni and cheese (the day’s special) and baked beans. The pulled pork was slightly sweet which made for a lovely contrast with the sauce–sharp and tangy. The macaroni and cheese was clearly made with real cheese and was creamy, rich, and delicious–far exceeding my expectations for a restaurant focused on fast food. The baked beans were made with relish–a combination I haven’t encountered before–as well as pepper, giving it a bit of kick that layered over the sweet base sauce. The cornbread, standard with all offerings, was not sweet but had a nice light flavor and a moist crumb. Each piece was very generously sized and fried after slicing, to ensure a nice browned exterior. Across the board, the flavors were full bodied, with each component of a dish contrasting nicely with the others.

The hubby choose a smoked chicken sandwich with macaroni and cheese and potato salad as his sides. He noted the smokey flavor of the chicken and was pleased with both the amount of sauce (not too much) and its flavor.

Moe's BBQ
As we began our meal, one of the employees came over and offered us two banana puddings on the house.

Moe's BBQ
Each pudding was packaged in an oversized cup, garnished with a vanilla wafer in the center of the pudding and matched with another at the bottom of the cup. Both wafers were still crunchy, which won points from me as I dislike the texture of soggy wafers. The pudding itself was a thick, creamy vanilla pudding with a hint of cinnamon. I was a bit surprised at the lack of banana flavor, either through flavoring or banana slices, but taken for what it was, the pudding itself was good.

The prices are a bit higher than similar quick bar-b-que joints, but the servings are also larger–I was able to easily make two meals from their platter. My hubby, with his larger appetite, found the servings just right for a dinner, so your mileage will vary. For fans of the quick bar-b-que format, Moe’s offers some new flavor combinations and a truly homemade taste.

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