Weigh In Wednesday
Last week’s poll, how often do you dine out, had a very clear winner. A whopping 68% listed dinner as their favorite meal, with 12% each opting for brunch and breakfast. Lunch trailed with just 6% of the votes.

I’ll admit, I’m in the minority here, because while I love dinner out (a close second), my favorite meal to eat out is brunch. There is something so luxurious and indulgent about a hearty breakfast late in the day. Maybe it’s everything that brunch signifies for me that I really like–sleeping in late, having great conversations, lingering over food in a quickly emptying restaurant…it lends a glamor to the day even if the only thing on the agenda is running errands.

For this week’s question, we’re going to go a bit more micro in scope and talk about sandwiches. My hubby and and I have a long running debate. I believe that sandwiches, while delicious, are clearly a lunch food. (The only exception being grilled cheese, because gooey cheese is fine by me all day long). My hubby, on the other hand, thinks that sandwiches are one of the most amazing things ever invented and will happily eat all manner of sandwiches for lunch, dinner, midnight snacks and just about anything in between. So, when dining out, do you order sandwiches for lunch, dinner, both, or do you just not touch the things?

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