Astute readers may have noticed the poll that was running in the sidebar last week, asking “How often do you dine out?” I thought it would be fun to get an idea of what people’s dining preferences are in Huntsville, so each Wednesday I will post the results from the previous week’s poll and announce the new question. Feel free to add your comments or additional thoughts to the posts.

As far as last week’s question, 60% of respondents ate out 1-2 times a week. The other 40% ate out 3-5 times a week. None of the respondents ate out once a day or more than once a day.

Personally? I’m a 1-2 times a week girl. I would rather spend my time and money to eat out with the hubby or my friends at a really good restaurant than eat at 5 fast food places during the week.

For this coming week, the question is “What is your favorite meal to dine out for?” Weigh in with your opinions on the upper right of the page.