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Shea's Express
Tucked away just north of downtown and set back from the street, Shea’s Express (sometimes referred to as Cyn Shea’s, the name of their catering service) is easy to miss but well worth seeking out. The hubby and I headed in for lunch one Saturday to enjoy the sophisticated kind of cafe food that was prevalent in California, but can be hard to find in Huntsville.

We arrived, unwittingly, just after they had closed for the day. On our way back to the car, the owner caught us and insisted that we come in and eat, it was no extra trouble at all. The graciousness and level of customer service shown in that small act impressed us both.

Those kinds of details were evident throughout the store. Silverware was dispensed from standing containers, activated with a lever, ensuring that your fork was unmauled by the masses. A plush leather couch, chairs, and ottomans encouraged loitering and put me in mind of book clubs and gaming groups and all manner of meet ups with friends. Outside, tables and a bench provided seating, with ample plants and pillows lend the space a bit of luxurious ambiance.

Shea's Express
Despite a choice of the entire menu, including breakfast, we both opted for Toasted Turkey sandwiches with a side of fruit for me, and a side of macaroni and cheese for the hubby.

The sandwiches were excellent. A soft, buttery croissant, piled generously with hearty turkey slices, flavorful provolone slices, slightly sweet applewood smoked bacon, and juicy tomato. Lettuce and dressing were provided on the side. The dressing–a creamy orange sauce–was a bright, tangy flavor that would make an excellent dip.

The macaroni and cheese was rich and creamy, clearly made with real cheese, and portioned generously. The side of fruit included grapes, cantaloupe, pineapple, and watermelon drizzled with a thin yogurt sauce. The fruit was fresh and flavorful, if a bit standard. The yogurt sauce added no real flavor, but did make for a nice visual presentation.

If you are looking for a spot to have a leisurely lunch with friends, Shea’s is an excellent choice.

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