Little Rosies Taqueria [2/5]
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Little Rosies
Last weekend, the hubby and I were looking for someplace quick and inexpensive to grab dinner, so we stopped in at Little Rosie’s Taqueria on Whitesburg. Little Rosie’s is one of those mixed format restaurants where you order at a counter and seat yourself, fast food style, but the food is of a higher quality (and price).

My husband ordered a fajitas plate and I went for two enchiladas–one spinach, one chicken. The food was ready quickly, almost as soon as we seated ourselves, and the increasingly common buzzer meant we didn’t have to try and listen for our cue over the din. Which was very smart planning because even sitting outside, on the quieter patio, the background noise made it nearly impossible to hear anything.

The chips given to us when we placed our order were thick, overly-crunchy, and dry–pretty much the antithesis of a good tortilla chip.

Little Rosies
My husband was happy with his fajitas and the guacamole, fresh and excellent, made the chips much more palatable. I found my enchiladas throughly lackluster, no one flavor or flavor combination stood out. Both enchiladas tasted like any generic enchilada you might buy in the frozen aisle. (And actually, I’ve had more flavorful frozen entrées). The lettuce and tomato served on the side added a nice burst of color, but not much else, to the meal.

Forgettable food and an unpleasantly loud dining experience mean that I won’t be back.

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