CLOSED: Sandwiches n’ Cream [3/5]
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Sanwiches and Cream
Every so often, I get the urge to get out of the office and just go somewhere, anywhere, for lunch. Last time the urge hit, I found myself at a small hole-in-the-wall diner off Jordan, which caters to breakfast and lunch for the workaday crowd–they are closed on weekends and in the evenings. I opted for a cup of stew with a side of cornbread and was pleasantly surprised with the price (I spent ~$3 for lunch, but come prepared, they don’t accept credit.) The broth based stew included shredded chicken, corn, potatoes, and lima beans and was flavorful and nicely filling. The cornbread however was dry and rather tasteless. It would have been much better broken up and soaked in the stew, but as a stand alone item, it was hard to choke down. The diner itself was clean and quiet. There was the low hum of a country radio station in the background, but I found it a pleasant place to sit and think, in a corner booth by the window.

Sanwiches and Cream
I will probably go back, and try some of their other offerings, but I’ll be avoiding the cornbread.

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